Imajah Wandix does not feel in California

The Golden State is quickly losing its value, and Long Beach native Imajah Wandix is ​​speaking out. California The Golden State, where dreams are made possible for anyone who is anyone, goes to California for a better life.

Long Beach native Imajah Wandix no longer agrees with California.

He says California was one of the best places to raise a family to make a decent living.

“People wanted to come to this state to finally live the American dream, but now it’s gone way down,” Wandix says as he stretches his arms.

Imajah tells me that the cost of living in California has skyrocketed out of nowhere, forcing people to leave the state for good.

Most of the natives who wanted to stay here are moving out and heading to the Midwest or Las Vegas.

He’s really passionate about his feelings about the state, explaining that most people who live in Southern California move to Lancaster or the Valley of California for a better affordable life.

“If California doesn’t have the most problems, I don’t know if any other state does because it’s been hell over the years,” said the Long Beach native, “Don’t let the Hollywood Walk of Fame and palm trees fool you, it’s still a problem here.”

“I’m from Long Beach, California, and for starters, we can discuss the gentrification that’s happening in all urban cities,” says Imajah, who wants to keep property taxes from increasing and forcing him to pay more.

Mainly Compton and South LA and Watts are rapidly gentrifying, especially the Jordan Down projects. It might look nice if you ever go there, but it’s still a gang-infested area.

Speaking of gang activity, there are places you still can’t get to today because of the street gangs that are in California.

Crips and Bloods are still here in California and certain colors you can’t wear can get them brutalized or even killed.

Imajah said finding a decent place to live is difficult, apartments are difficult to get approved because rents are out of control.

“Rent in California might as well be a mortgage because it ranges from $1,700 to $2,000,” he said.

The Long Beach native added that it’s ridiculous to continue to pay what could be someone’s life savings that month.

Taxes are insane in California, as high as 13.3% and have made it one of the worst places to live.

“California is only fun for people with money to spare, and you can live your dream here,” Wandix said, “If you don’t, you’ll have to hold three jobs to make it.”

The summer heat is also crazy because last summer was the hottest so this year it exceeded 104 degrees.

If you have a car in California, gas prices have gone up to $7 and that’s bad again. “Who wants to keep paying that amount of money for a Chevy Malibu?” Wandix said.

California has another problem trying to buy a house, the average house costs $500,000 and is located somewhere in the ghetto of Los Angeles, probably in a dangerous community.

“As a West Coast native, I can personally consider moving out of California because it’s getting too much for me,” said Wandix, “the lifestyle is fine, but the people are still annoying.”

Speaking of cars, if you’re planning to come to Los Angeles, try to be patient with the traffic because it’s crazy. You can expect to be stuck in traffic for about an hour, 40 minutes at best.

“Please expect wildfires to get out of control in California as they happen pretty often every blue moon,” Wandix explains to me.

Imajah describes how much he hates the wildfires in Southern California because “as a result, the air is full of pollution and ash tends to be visible in the sky.”

“Those fires make the sky look ugly and orange like the sun from The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Wandix said, laughing at his movie reference.

Schools in California can be terrible because of the economic status it is in, most people have the false idea that because one lives in California the schools are great, not really.

“Poverty I wish I could change it because I can’t stand being broke, being on food stamps is getting more and more annoying,” said Imajah, “Gas is stupid, I had to spend my last $35 on a tank.”

“Like I said before, if you can afford to be heard, welcome,” Imajah said, “but if not, better luck next time, because I don’t know how many times people say I came here to be a star or an entertainer.”


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