Danger! presenter Ken Jennings infuriates fans with his ‘most controversial take on stage ever’

Ken Jennings from JEOPARDY! rocked fans with what they called his most offensive opinion ever on stage.

The host said he “solved the controversy” about putting pineapple on pizza and declared the topping “delicious”.

Ken Jennings turned up Jeopardy!  fans like never before


Ken Jennings turned up Jeopardy! fans like never beforeCredit: Danger!
The host declared pineapple on pizza


The host declared pineapple on pizza “delicious,” sparking a food frenzyCredit: Getty

Reigning champion Cris Panullo faced Etienne Lepine, a software engineer from Lafayette, Colorado, and David Stiasny, a pediatrician from Highland Park, Illinois.

David buzzed in under the “A Pineapple” category for $200.

Ken, 48, read: “A BBC article headlined ‘Pineapple on’, this said ‘it’s the favorite food that seems to divide the world’.”

The contestant correctly answered “What is: pizza.”

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Ken then turned to the camera with a shrug: “Yeah, pineapple on pizza. And I can settle the controversy, it’s delicious.”

David recoiled from the center stage in visibly disgust and stuck out his tongue in vomiting.

Danger! came up with a meme and wrote to Twitter: “Controversy resolved.”

However, game show fans and food aficionados weren’t so pleased and heaped their disgust at Ken’s statement.

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“Any credibility that Ken Jennings had is just gone,” one fan wrote.

“One piece of advice: under no circumstances go to Little Italy (Arthur Avenue) in my hometown of The Bronx and ask for a pineapple pizza. Just DON’T,” said another.

“No, it isn’t,” a third broiled. “Pineapple and ham have no place on pizza in any way. Not even in Hawaii.”

A fourth defended: “It’s Canadian, lol. Inspired by sweet and sour Chinese food! And it’s delicious, Ken’s right.”

Though a fifth wrote: “Ugh, just lost a lot of respect for you Ken!

And a sixth shared a close-up of David’s visceral reaction: “David seemed unconvinced…”

A seventh person wrote, “Petition to permanently replace Ken with Mayim for this egregious crime.”

Recent Danger! winner and priest David Sidley buzzed in and joked:

“Ken seemed like such a nice guy all along and then he throws bombs like this in the middle of the broadcast without people being able to react fairly.”


It’s not the first time Ken’s culinary tastes have drawn him to fan reactions.

Last month, Ken posted a photo of Cretor’s cheese and caramel mix popcorn on Twitter.

He wrote alongside it, “Chicago pizza and hot dogs are so good we just let them pass their horrible popcorn.”

One follower ranted, “Ken, this might be your most offensive tweet. Chicago popcorn is incredible.”

Another added, “Um, no. We call that stuff crack in our house. A handful and you’re instantly hooked. Damn it, Costco, for selling it.”

A third posted: “Ooooo you are soooo wrong… just wrong more than wrong can be. This is amazing.”

Cris, a customer success operations manager from Ocean City, New Jersey with a professional poker background, has been winning game after game since coming to the table in early fall.

After five weeks of tournament play and immediately after Amy Schneider won the 2022 Tournament of Champions, he returned to win his 12th game.

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Co-host Mayim Bialik, 46 – now on the Celebrity Jeopardy! spin-off – is expected to take over the reins in January.

Over the summer, Ken and Mayim were officially announced as the permanent replacements for the late Alex Trebek.

Hundreds of fans furious: 'Pineapple and ham don't belong on pizza in any way, not even in Hawaii'


Hundreds of fans furious: ‘Pineapple and ham don’t belong on pizza in any way, not even in Hawaii’Credit: Twitter
Contestant David looked disgusted and champion Cris Pannullo just laughed


Contestant David looked disgusted and champion Cris Pannullo just laughedCredit: Danger!
Last month, Ken tweeted that Chicago popcorn is


Last month, Ken tweeted that Chicago popcorn is “awful.”Credit: Twitter


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