What does RCTA mean on TikTok? Controversial racing concept explained

While RCTA isn’t exactly a trend that has been followed by many recently, the acronym has been highlighted on TikTok and has more than 5.8 million views.

While most viral trends on TikTok don’t mean malice, occasionally a controversial trend like this one emerges that leads to certain groups of people being disrespected.

Still, the majority of users are not familiar with the term. @kyamewa recently explained the meaning of RCTA and how problematic it is. RCTA is an abbreviation for race change to another.

There is another alternative to the term ECTA which means change ethnicity into another.

apparently there are RCTA (“race changed to another”) people on tiktok and I can’t tell if people are serious or not… people “change” races to East Asian because of bullying/trauma like WHAT 💀😭

The term was reportedly coined by @fr0sty_bears on TikTok. The members of this community are not necessarily trying to change their appearance to look like their intended race. On the contrary, they believe that they can change their DNA by manifesting and being subliminal. They claim they have no intention of causing any harm.

DAILY REMINDER ❗️❗️This “rcta” is not valid and never will be, I hope you know it is RACIST and disrespectful. Trauma is not an excuse for racism, learn to love your culture, you don’t have to “become” someone else’s to be accepted. https://t.co/R7erEXS2JE

This new wave of RCTA is mainly aimed at transitioning to South Asian ethnicities due to their obsession with K-pop, K-dramas and anime culture.

User @kyamewa, and many others, strongly criticized this community, finding them extremely ignorant, abusive and racist.

‘Hi I’m new to RcTa, I want to change from white to Korean’ I’m going to puke

How does the RCTA community differ from the transracial community?

@kyamewa then explained RCTA’s definition in their video. They said it’s similar to the concept of being transracial.

Transracial means identifying as a different race than one was originally born into. But the RCTA identifying people take it a step further and think they are more educated than transracial people. They claim to be learning and cultivating more about the language and inner culture of the race they want to transition to.

The TikToker said it still doesn’t make everything right. They shared their own experience as a real Korean to rationalize why racial transition is wrong on so many counts.

Some of these people don’t think being RCTA or whatever it’s called is “valid”. You are all so disconnected from reality. Literally go outside, it’s so embarrassing.

The user talked about moving to Canada about seven years ago, when they were in fourth grade. They were bullied at school because of their race. When they were enrolled in the English Second Language program, they were looked down upon as the child who did not speak English.

They also shared how people who claimed to change their race or ethnicity never had to experience the struggles of minorities because they are not originally part of the community.

Wanting to cross over to a different race just because people like pop culture or whatever modern culture is popular today can be detrimental. This is because the RCTA groups do not know what it is like to be part of an ethnicity that has been discriminated against for years.

The user said how harmful it is even if one wants to switch to the white race.

I just heard about RCTA/ECTA, I’ll be done soon. It’s literally so cringe omg https://t.co/uuUvW1Njo7

@kyamewa addressed how denying someone’s original racial identity is a reflection of shame for their race. And one cannot substantially change their ethnicity just because they are not proud of it or because a different race interests them more.

Their video explaining the term has currently over 33,000 views.

How internet personalities have promoted the ECTA subculture

Oli London, a British internet personality and singer who was born white, has had 32 different surgeries to look Korean. Oli wanted to look like his K-pop idol, Jimin from BTS.

In a recent YouTube documentary series, Oli said:

“I’m Korean. Now people have to accept that.”

YouTube cover

Former NAACP chapter president Rachel Dolezal led the world to believe she was a black woman until her white birth parents called her out in 2015.

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