Gundy meets media after KSU, talks Kansas prep

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STILL WATER – Oklahoma State head coach Mike Gundy met with members of the media at his weekly luncheon to discuss how the Cowboys will get back to work and refocus on Kansas after Saturday’s performance against Kansas State. Here is some of what he had to say:

Head Coach Mike Gundy
Opening statement:
“After that, I was pretty specific about what I said about the game. I didn’t want to commit too much. They out-coached us. They outplayed us. They were more physical than us. We weren’t ready to play. I didn’t.” We’re not doing a good job preparing our guys. We finished everything yesterday. Last night at practice we went through all the games and tapes and stuff. Come back to it today to prepare for this week.”

On how to handle this week’s practice with a slew of injuries from the loss at Kansas State:
“We will practice as always.

About the changes made to the practice schedules leading up to Kansas State:
“We changed a few things. I was worried about that – as I mentioned before.” [in Manhattan, Kansas] – who are we left with? There are many different ways to go about it as a coach, many different philosophies. One consistent philosophy for many coaches is that when you show up on Saturday, you want to have as many guys as you can. I was a little bit more worried than maybe I should be about where we are injury-wise.”

On the coaches who bounced back from the loss:
“The coaches are more of a problem than the players because there’s more emotional strain on them. It’s their life, it’s their every day, it’s their kids. More than the players, they kind of get into things faster based on how they behaved.” the world is. I’ve seen a lot of them [players] today at the office watching the tape. I expect them to come back tomorrow and practice really well. We trained well last week, we just didn’t do some of the same things.”

In a running game:
“Our running backs averaged 4.4 yards per carry against Texas, which I was excited about. It was better than what it used to be. So we’ve shown some flashes of improvement in that, but if I had to say what’s causing it would be that we didn’t have those five guys working consistently there.”

In an effort to improve the running attack:
We can’t change what we do. We will play the games we run. In midstream, you don’t change who you are and what you do. So keep trying anyway. One of the issues I was just talking about is when you’re a few scores behind, you become almost one-dimensional, so it’s even more difficult.”

On Deondre Jackson see his first major action:
He ran the ball well, played hard, competed. He’s a guy that we were excited about what he brought to the table in that game.”

In Kansas:
“Everywhere he’s been, he’s (Lance Leipold) been good, he’s a good football coach. I told you guys last year before we played them, I like their concepts, their schemes, and they’ve been in games and something went wrong in their game. end but something went wrong. They could have beaten OU at home last year but (Caleb Williams) played on the 4th.Thursday-down and three and score. If they got him down in the backfield, they could run out the clock and beat them. They progressed over time. Their quarterback is really active, he has done a good job throwing, running and running RPO. They move and get what I call the triple option with the RPO out. They play hard and we’re going to have to play well to beat them.”

About the status Spencer Sanders:
“Hopefully he’s doing well. We’re going to give him a little rest this week and try to get him back and running like we did.”

On the Big 12 Conference securing a television deal with ESPN and FOX:
“That’s one thing I was right about, I said (Brett Yormark) was going to do it. I said this conference was going to be fine, Oklahoma State was going to be fine from day one. I didn’t know anything about new teams coming in, but I knew we were in good shape. Once the new teams came in, I knew we were in great shape, and when we hired him, I felt even better. But he secured a lot more for six years, which I felt like we they were a short-term media deal because they usually try to get a 10, 12 or 15-year deal, but since it’s new and there are new teams, it makes sense for ESPN and FOX to not want to buy a longer deal and take a shorter deal with more money. It’s a big negotiator and I knew from the first conversation with him that we were in great hands. He’s got us covered for all of 2031 and in 2028 I’m going to guess he’s going to go at it again and do it even better.”


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