Sports gambling efforts are not over in California

High Stakes: Sports betting in California, a close look at Prop 26 and 27 California voters will decide whether and how to legalize sports betting in the Golden State. They face two proposals that offer two different paths to legalization. Prop 26 would allow in-person sports betting at Tribal casinos and at four racetracks across … Read more

Here’s who won in several key races

Full speech: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis wins re-election Governor Ron DeSantis defeated Charlie Crist to retain the role of Florida governor. Here is the victory speech he gave on Tuesday, November 8, 2022 during election night. TALLAHASSEE – Amid Republican gains in Florida’s U.S. House races, Democrat Maxwell Alejandro Frost became the first Generation Z … Read more

California’s Democratic AG seeks to maintain the state’s highest legal position

article PLAYA DEL REY, CA – April 28: Accompanied by his legal team, California Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Thursday at Dockweiler State Beach that his office has launched an unprecedented investigation into the fossil fuel and petrochemical industry. SACRAMENTO, California – Rob Bonta was one of California’s 120 ambitious but relatively obscure state legislators … Read more

‘This is a deeply emotional issue:’ Florida Gov. DeSantis’ handling of COVID-19 helped shape his re-election campaign

COVID-19 continues to loom large in Florida’s gubernatorial race and has helped shape Gov. Ron DeSantis’ image on the national political scene. Political scientists say so DeSantis’ handling of the pandemic she may have benefited him in his re-election campaign. In March 2020, as the pandemic unfolded, DeSantis joined governors across the US in announcing … Read more

Florida voters consider tax relief for floodplains

Amendment 1 Explanation of Florida Midterm Elections Kailey Tracy reports HOLY. PETERSBURG, Fla. – Some lawmakers describe Amendment 1 as an austerity measure to protect Florida homes from flooding. Others say Amendment 1 could mean the government earns less money through taxes, which is critical to providing services year-round. If passed, Amendment 1 would allow … Read more

California AG Rob Bonta makes his final vote to voters

The problem is: Rob Bonta In this final segment of the midterms, California Attorney General Rob Bonta joins Elex Michaelson on The Issue Is to make his final pitch to voters. Midterms are fast approaching, weeks have now turned into days. In this latest segment, California Attorney General Rob Bonta joins Elex Michaelson on The … Read more