Three domes and the controversy surrounding the ‘mosque-like’ bus stop in Mysuru

The appearance of a bus stop in Mysuru has changed after outrage and threats of demolition by Prathap Simha, the local BJP MP. Simha said three domes-like structures on top of the bus stop made it look “mosque-like”. Two of these domes have since been removed. What is this controversy about? Earlier this month, photos … Read more

Photographer behind controversial Balenciaga ad breaks silence ‘after hundreds of hate mails and messages’

Balenciaga recently caused a stir with his holiday campaign with children holding teddy bears dressed in what appears to be bondage clothing. Many on social media also noted that a photo of the brand’s bag on a desk showed a document from the US court case Ashcroft vs Free Speech Coalition – a verdict in … Read more

Rahul Gandhi stirs up another Savarkar controversy: No One’s Man

There cannot be a more paradoxical personality than Vinayak Damodar Savarkar in the recent history of India. Hindu vavadis love him because he was anti-Muslim, but they ignore his criticism of the religion. Rationalists respect his scientific nature, which is not much written about, but despise him for his blatant right-wing views. And Congressmen have … Read more

Soy or no soy? Genelia Deshmukh talks about this ‘controversial’ protein source

Genelia Deshmukhwho has kept herself busy with many things – movies, her vegan meat brand and of course her popular Instagram reels with husband Riteish Deshmukh – recently opened up about her diet, vegan lifestyle, and why eating soy is healthy for the body. Speak exclusively with, the Vikrant Rona actor said, “We are … Read more

Pakistan releases Joyland with ‘minor cuts’: What is the country’s Oscar entry controversy?

Pakistani movie from Joyland trailer opens with a grim joke about impossible love, foreshadowing perhaps things to come. The film focuses on the relationship between a trans theater performer and a young boy as they navigate desire, taboo, and patriarchy. Saim Sadiq’s directorial debut, produced by Sarmad Khoosat, was Pakistan’s official entry to the Oscars … Read more