US Senate begins hearings on Ticketmaster

Last week, the US Justice Department announced they would investigate Ticketmaster for alleged abuses of power within the entertainment industry. Now in a new development reported by Reutersformed a U.S. Senate Antitrust Panel with Senator Amy Clobuchar act as chairman. The panel will begin hearings about a lack of competition in the ticketing industry that has been exposed by the recent Taylor Swift ticket sales debacle.

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“The high fees, site outages and cancellations customers have experienced demonstrate how Ticketmaster’s dominant market position means the company is not under pressure to continuously innovate and improve,” Klobuchar said. “We will hold a hearing on how consolidation in the live entertainment and ticketing industry is hurting both customers and artists.”

Long story short, Fasts 2023 The eras tour started presale last Friday and was so popular that Ticketmaster’s systems crashed. The presale was eventually canceled, resulting in purchased tickets being resold for up to $20,000. AEG Presents, who handles the Eras tour, recently revealed CNBC that they had no choice but to work with Ticketmaster… you know, almost like they have a monopoly or something. “Ticketmaster’s exclusive deals with the vast majority of venues on the Eras tour require us to purchase tickets through their system,” they said. “We had no choice.”

And yes I know Taylor Swift has nothing to do with metal… but what about the following Metallica tour? What about when Spirit take things to the next level and start getting a question that got out of hand? If the problem is not addressed now, it will become everyone’s problem, but worse. Not that it isn’t already insanely bad, but letting it go will only make it worse.

In addition, there is the recent formation of the Break Up Ticketmaster coalition. Consisting of the American Economic Liberties Project, Sports Fans Coalition, Fight Corporate Monopolies, More Perfect Union, Fan Freedom, the Consumer Federation of America, the National Consumers League and the Artist Rights Alliance, the coalition seeks to end the mass hold the ticketing industry.

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“Live Nation and Ticketmaster merged in 2010,” their website reads. “Despite promises of increased competition and consumer benefit, they now control 70% of the primary market for ticketing and live event venues. They raise ticket prices, charge scam fees, and exploit artists, independent venues, and fans.

“The Justice Department can undo this merger and bring back competition to the industry. Help us demand that they do that.” Check out the Break Up Ticketmaster site here.

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