Vanderbilt tickets sell out well in advance of the Tennessee Showdown in Nashville

Tennessee Vanderbilt

Tennessee at SEC Media Days on Thursday, July 21, 2022. Photo by Ric Butler/Rocky Top Insider.

The Tennessee Volunteers are no stranger to playing in large environments on the road this season. With sold-out games against LSU, Georgia and South Carolina under their belt, the Vols have been put to the test.

This is exactly how the last game of the regular season against Vanderbilt plays out on Saturday night.

According to Vanderbilt’s official ticketing website, the vast majority of the stadium has been sold. Although there is no exact percentage on the ticketing site, there appear to be only a handful of seats left.

Only two of the 22 sections in the stadium still have tickets. And of those two sections, only a few seats seem to be in the corners.

Vanderbilt Tennessee

Vanderbilt’s Section F seats available for this Saturday against Tennessee. Photo via Vanderbilt ticketing.

Vanderbilt Tennessee

Vanderbilt’s Section B seats available for this Saturday against Tennessee. Photo via Vanderbilt ticketing.

As can be seen in the photos above, tickets for the game between Vanderbilt and Tennessee are getting harder and harder to come by.

Now, of course, the official site isn’t the only way to find tickets. Third-party sellers, such as Ticketmaster, still want some 700 tickets on sale for Saturday night’s game at the Music City. Ticketmaster’s site has about 15 sections with availability out of the 22 in the stadium.

Tennessee fans have traveled well this season as the Volunteers attempted to run to the 2022 College Football Playoffs. However, with the playoffs just around the corner, two losses in the last three games and a season-ending injury to quarterback Hendon Hooker, it’s interesting to see how Tennessee fans will travel – despite being only a few hours away from Knoxville.

Vanderbilt’s FirstBank Stadium seats 40,350 spectators, according to the university’s website.

Three of Tennessee’s four road games this season have been announced as sold out:

  • Tennessee @ Pittsburgh – 59,785/68,400 – 87.4 percent full
  • Tennessee @ LSU – 102.321/102.321 – 100 percent full
  • Tennessee @ Georgia – 92,746/92,746 – 100 percent full
  • Tennessee @ South Carolina – 77,559/77,559 – 100 percent full (announced)

In fact, when the Vols added Tennessee’s six sellouts this year, they played to a sold-out stadium in nine of their 11 games so far this season. Tennessee sold out every home game except the Thursday night opener against Ball State on September 1.

  • Akron @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full
  • Florida @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full
  • Alabama @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full
  • UT Martin @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full
  • Kentucky @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full
  • Missouri @ Tennessee – 101,915 – 100 percent full

Vanderbilt will host AP No. 9 Tennessee this Saturday night at 7:30 PM in Nashville, Tennessee.

Vanderbilt Tennessee

Vanderbilt’s FirstBank Stadium card capacity. Photo via Vanderbilt ticketing.

Oh, and for those of you with good memories still wondering… there’s no news on the Checker Vanderbilt thing… but that should be obvious at this point.

Checker Vanderbilt

The “Checker Vanderbilt” concept design. Photo via @ockytop on Twitter.

UPDATE at 4:30 PM ET

Vanderbilt has officially announced a sellout for the game against Tennessee.


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